Specialty Classes

Lifeguard Training


Paid Training - Flexible scheduling - Rec Center Membership & Golf Pass

Next available training class is June 24-28, Monday through Friday 9am-4pm 

 (we will also be running a training class August 5-9)

Being a lifeguard is a rewarding job that you can take with you almost anywhere.  Being a lifeguard is: dynamic, challenging, important and inspiring. Through our training you will learn the skills to; prevent, recognize and effectively respond to life-threatening emergencies. The decision making and customer service skills you will learn as a lifeguard will be beneficial to all the future endeavors of your life!

  • We can answer all your questions please call Amanda or Tanya  in the Aquatics office 970-874-0923
  • We will train you in all the skills you need to become a lifeguard, including improving your swim skills if needed. 
  • Lifeguards must be 15 years of age or older but if your 15th birthday is within two weeks of training dates please call. 
  • We offer PAID TRAINING and employment comes with a rec center membership and a golf pass.