Traffic Accident Reports: 

In an effort to to minimize the inconvenience to our citizens and their insurance companies, the Delta Police Department uploads all our traffic accident reports to  You can simply go to follow the prompts, and enter the information given by the officer who investigated your crash.  The information needed will be on the back of the business card given to you on scene.  This will prevent you from having to come into the police department to retrieve your report.

Background / Criminal Record Checks:

State and Federal law prohibits local law enforcement agencies from releasing an individual's background, or criminal record to the public.  However, you can access much of this information online, through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.  By clicking the below link, you can run a records check on individuals with minimal information.  There is a fee for the service and you have to agree to their terms.

Delta County Emergency Alerts / Local Emergency Alerts:

Delta County Emergency Alert is a community alert system operated by the communications center, located in the Delta County Sheriff's Office.  This system is designed to alert citizens of emergencies in their area.   These emergencies can be a wide range of issues including police emergencies and natural disasters.   Once you register your phone, it associates your number with the address given.  From that point forward, when an emergency alert is sent to your general area by law enforcement or emergency management, you will get a text message, and automated voice call informing you of the situation with possible instructions.  Registering your cell phone with the system is fast and easy.  Simply click the link below and follow the prompts.  There is no fee for this service.

Sex Offender Registry: 

At any given time there are multiple registered sex offenders registered in the cities and counties of Colorado.  The City of Delta is no exception.  The Delta Police Department maintains the registry for the offenders living within the city limits.  Their addresses are checked by officers on a regular basis to ensure they are in fact living where they say they are.  A list of offenders and addresses can be obtained by the public in one of two ways.  Our citizens can get a complete list of registered sex offenders living inside the city limits of Delta from the Delta Police Department.  You will be required to sign a disclaimer stating you understand the guidelines and laws pertaining to accessing the list.  These guidelines and laws are printed for you to view on the disclaimer.  The second option available is provided by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).  By accessing their registry website, you can search offenders by city, address, name, or other options.  You will also have to view and indicate that you understand the same guidelines on their site.  To access the CBI website simply click this link.

Police Records Request:

The Delta Police Department does make our records available to the public.  All records release and retention is governed by the guidelines of the Colorado Open Records Act.  Please understand there are records which may be deemed sensitive for one reason or another and unavailable for release.  Examples of this would be; the case is still under investigation, or the case has been filed with the District Attorney's Office for charging, review, and/or prosecution.  To obtain a copy of our records, one must complete and sign our records request form.  This can be done at the front window of the police department.  The time it can take you to do this can be minimized by downloading the attached records request form.  You will find this form at the bottom of this page under "supporting documents."  Fill it out the best you can and then just drop it off.  Any areas of the form you don't understand can be explained to you once you arrive.  The form can also be emailed to our records staff at pdinfo [at]  Please understand, you will not receive the records upon dropping off the request form.  It's takes our records clerks a little time to ensure the records are available for release, as well as make any redactions required by law.  This usually takes up to three business days.  There is a fee for receiving copies of our records.  The standard fee is $3 for the first five pages and $.25 for additional pages.  Should you request a copy of body camera footage, there will be a fee of $25 per hour.  Often times the video requires digital redactions, and this can take time.  Due to the unfortunate reoccurrence of citizens requesting reports or video and failing to pick them up you will be required to pay the initial $3 for the report upon submitting your request.   There is also an upfront fee for the bodycam footage.  That is determined on a case by case basis.  It will be determined on the minutes/hours of footage and estimated redaction time.  The minimum upfront cost will be the initial $25.  

Dog Licensing: 

All dogs residing within the City of Delta must be licensed with the Police Department per the City of Delta Municipal Code.  All dog owners need to bring a copy of their pet's vaccination records with them to the police department.  Once here you will fill out a short form, pay the fee and receive your dog's license and tag.  The fee for the dog license is $25.  It is good for the life of the dog as long as the license is not lost and remains legible.

Victim Services:

The Delta Police Department offers a variety of victim services.  Please see the victim services pamphlet at the bottom of this page, under "supporting documents," and the Victim's Services section under the Divisions Tab for more details on the services our department offers. 


The state (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) is no longer accepting fingerprint cards from law enforcement agencies, for the purposes of employment background checks (outside of law enforcement).  We can still assist with cards that are going to another state or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  For those who need fingerprint cards completed for a Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background check; "The Place I Go" here in Delta is authorized to complete the cards.  They are located at 104 Meeker St. here in Delta.  You will however, need to go online to schedule your appointment.  This cannot be done over the phone.  To get your appointment set up, simply click on the link here to get set up.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspections, Certified and Non-Certified:  

The Delta Police Department provides VIN verifications and Certified VIN Inspections to its citizens. One typically will need a VIN verification when:

  • Moved to Colorado from another state
  • Purchased a vehicle from another state
  • Purchased a vehicle without a title
  • In need of title corrections
  • Other similar or special circumstances

To have one completed, you need to come to the Delta Police Department, call the Delta Police Department or call the non-emergency dispatch line at (970) 874-2015.  The dispatch personnel will take down your information and forward it to a VIN inspection officer.  The officer will contact you to arrange a time for the VIN inspection, if not able to immediately respond.  The officer will have in his/her possession the correct form needed. These inspections currently cost $10 and you will have to pay in person at the Delta Police Department in order to receive your completed inspection. You must be a resident of the City of Delta for this service.

Certified VIN Inspection may be required in circumstances involving:

  • Out of the Country vehicles and Canadian vehicles
  • Bonded Titles
  • Salvage Titles
  • Homemade trailers /vehicles
  • Rebuilt vehicles or those using certain parts from more than one vehicle
  • Other similar or special circumstances