The Administrations Division is made up of the Chief of Police and Commander.  It is their responsibilities to oversee the operations of the entire department.  They also work with civic and citizen groups to ensure the Delta Police Department is meeting the needs of the community.


The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed Police Officers.  These are the officers seen in our community every day and every night.  They are out on patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  They patrol our streets, enforce state and local laws, investigate traffic accidents, and respond to all emergency and non-emergency calls for service.  


The Detectives of the Investigations Division are those officers who investigate the more complex crimes.  These more complex crimes are cases requiring  considerable follow up investigation and take the time Patrol Officers don't have.  Examples of the these cases would be; death investigations, sexual assault, sexual assault on children, complex narcotics cases and burglaries.  In addition to their standard 40hr work weeks, there is a member of the Investigations Division on-call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

School Resource:

The Delta Police Department currently has one full-time police officer assigned as a School Resource Officer (SRO).  During the school year, this officer works solely in our local schools.  This officer not only investigates all crimes occurring in our schools, but works hand in hand with students and staff to ensure our schools are as safe as possible.  Our School Resource Officer can be found in one of the local schools Monday through Friday, as well as many after school events.

Canine (K9):

The Delta Police Department currently has one certified K9 and K9 Officer.  K9 Raico is a Belgium Malinois and is certified in Narcotics Detection.  The K9 Division and K9 Raico has not only proven to be a invaluable asset to the Delta Police Department, but has also assisted the local surrounding agencies, and has been utilized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the United States Marshall's Office.

Traffic Enforcement Unit:

The Delta Police Department currently has one full-time traffic enforcement officer who is responsible for overseeing posted speed limits within the City of Delta.  To report accidents, or areas of concern contact Delta Police Department directly at 970/874-7676, Delta County Dispatch at 970/874-2015 or email pdinfo [at] cityofdelta.net () — Contact Officer Lane directly via email robert [at] cityofdelta.net 


The Records Division is responsible for the safe keeping, organizing, retention, and release off all Delta Police Department records.  The Records Division not only works closely with all other divisions within the department, but also works closely with the District Attorney's Office.  They are responsible for insuring all applicable case files and related information are send to the District Attorney's Office in a timely manner for prosecution. 

Property and Evidence:

The Property and Evidence Division is responsible for all property coming into the police department.  This includes property submitted for safe keeping, found property, property for destruction, and evidence.  The Property and Evidence Division works closely will all divisions within the agency, as well as the District Attorney's Office and crimes labs around the state.  The Property and Evidence Division insures the proper storage and chain of custody for all evidence within the department's custody.

Victims Services:

The Delta Police Department Victim Service Division addresses the personal needs of victims of crime and other traumatic incidents. Its purpose is to ensure that no victim remains alone or uninformed.

The Colorado Victim Rights Amendment guarantees crime victims the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect, and the right to be present and heard at all critical stages in the criminal justice system. The Victim Service Program is available to any victim needing support, information or resources during the ongoing investigations of their cases or judicial system procedures.

Code Enforcement and Animal Control:

The Delta Police Department's Code Enforcement Division is responsible for a wide range of tasks.  Through proactive work and incoming complaints, our Code Enforcement Officer works with local residents and businesses to keep our beautiful city clean.  He strives to ensure everyone is following the Delta Municipal Codes as they pertain to weeds, trash, litter, and fires, just to name a few.  The Code Enforcement Division is also solely responsible for all the animal control in the city.

Community Policing Coordinator:

The Community Policing Coordinator(CPC) Program is an extension of the Administrative Division.  The CPC is a non-certified employee who will work as a liaison between the Police Department and the community.  The CPC organizes community events for the department and will manage crime prevention programs.   

Chief Fedler

Lucas Fedler, Chief of Police


Cmdr. Cox

Jesse Cox, Commander

Cmdr. Lang

Jarrod Lang, Commander

Det. Sgt. Furstenfeld

Stephen Furstenfeld, Detective Sergeant

Sgt. Poole

Jake Poole, Sergeant

Sgt. Laiminger

John Laiminger, Sergeant

Cpl. Braslin

Andy Braslin, Corporal

Cpl. Reece

JR. Reece, Corporal

Det. Swope

Clint Swope, Detective

Ofc. Henderson

Kali Lane, Police Officer & K-9 Handler

Ofc. Strait

David Strait, Police Officer / School Resource Officer

Det. Copp

Alex Copp, Detective 

Ofc. Music

Justin Music, Police Officer

Ofc. Bowen

Mark Bowen, Police Officer

Ofc. Korth

Justin Korth, Police Officer


Ofc. Villalobos

Joel Villalobos, Police Officer

Ofc. Stickney

Derek Stickney, Police Officer

Ofc. Lane

Robert Lane, Police Officer

Ofc. Buffington

Nicholas Buffington, Police Officer

Ofc. Moschetti

Anthony Moschetti, Police Officer

Ofc. Trujillo

Kavan Trujillo, Police Officer

Ofc. Borcherding

Justin Borcherding, Police Officer

K9 Raico

K9 Raico

Rayden Jones

Rayden Jones, Animal Control Officer

John Newhouse

John Newhouse, Code Enforcement Officer

Sindy Bruton

Sindy Bruton, Records Administrator

Becki Havens

Becki Havens, Victims Advocate

Mindy Brennan

Mindy Brennan, Community Policing Coordinator

Sandra Horn

Sandy Horn, Administrative Assistant

Karina Artaz, Evidence Technician

Karina Artaz, Evidence Technician