Public Works & Utilities

Trucks and equipment from the city works department

Public Works

The Public Works Department is the function of the City that provides the City with needed infrastructure including Streets, Sewer, Water, Electricity, Storm Water, Trash Service,  maintains water rights off the Grand Mesa to irrigate the Golf Course, Snow Removal and so much more. 

The Public Works Department is divided into 4 groups that work together to provide the most cost efficient means to run and maintain the city's valuable and needed infrastructure. These divisions are Engineering, Public Works, Light and Power and Waste Water Treatment. The contacts are linked below.

On occasion, trash collection is delayed due to high wind closing area landfills and/or issues with trash trucks. In the event your trash is not collected on the usual day, please leave your cans out. The Public Works crew will work diligently to make its way around for pick up. 

We appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to manage and take care of the City of Delta. 

If anyone needs any work done from the Public Works department please go to below link and request a work order. 


Click here to request or submit a work order

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