Mural Virtual Tour App

Mural on the wall downtown


Delta Colorado is the City of Murals. There are over 20 unique creations gracing the exteriors of buildings in the Delta Downtown Area. To help both residents and visitors find their way to all these beautiful works of art, the City of Delta has developed a Mural Virtual Tour App that is now available and free to use. Click the following link to help find your way to some of Delta’s amazing public art Though this app does work both desktop and laptop computers, it works best on mobile devices and tablets.

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Mural Virtual Tour


The sculptures you will find have various themes. Antoine Robidoux and the Ute Indians is our most famous sculpture and can be found off of Highway 50 near McDonald's and City Market. The Performing Arts Center is our concert hall and has various performances throughout the year. From plays to music and dance our Performing Arts Center is a great place to experience the arts.